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About Us

Sunshine Mountain Vineyard is situated on the hilltops of San Marcos in North San Diego, California. It is adjacent to the famed Temecula Vineyards. The Vineyard has a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean where you can occasionally spot colorful air ballons in the horizon.
A 30-year experienced winemaker is stationed at the Vineyard year-round to supervise the harvest, de-stemming, crushing, barreling, fermentation, storage, filtration and final bottling of our wines. The Vineyard itself comprised with 10 acres of hillside land with its own unique soil characteristics that produce wine with a taste of California wilderness, yet a hint of European fineness. At your visit, you can find three earthen caves dug out from the mountain, where we store our wines in oak barrels.
Our vineyard is available for private event bookings and can accommodate up to 150 guests. The Vineyard currently offers bottled wines for retail stores and wholesale markets. We would be delighted if you choose the Vineyard for your upcoming wedding, corporate gathering, or other social functions. Our goal is to build a Vineyard that has unique taste and with customers like you in mind, for years to come.